A kodona and company


Pop Princess Sweet Hymn of Angels JSK



Blue Nightmare Rising (Sample) JSK coordinated with red, gold and navy accessories.

collections that are raw as fuck ➝ dolce & gabbana fall 2006

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Ouji & Aristocrat Grand Reception / Kiev, Ukraine


First photo of my outfit on the Enchanted Event.
It was taken by Natalie with my cam.
To be honest I was pretty insecure about my outfit because accessoires and my wig didn’t arrive and I had to improvise, everything (except the Ono Koon jacket) was offbrand, my ankle was swollen and hurt all day long, I had to wear gloves because of ugly allergy blisters and my makeup was hastily done in a men’s rest room of a restaurant where someone entered and used the urinals every few minutes. ~.~
But after so many people (including Minori I can’t get over this aaah) told me it looked great it really gave me confidence boost, thanks everyone!
It was a great event, though I was REALLY disappointed by the lack of kodona at the booths as well as the fashion show! I’m looking forward to see more photos and I’m hoping for a next time. <:


Outfit from this weekend~


Got a new photo from the Hellocon Teaparty!


I’m so mad, because this set is like a dream of mine made real, but even if I ordered in XXXXXXXXXXL it would never be available in my size. ;_;



My coord with Chocolate Rosette for Saturday’s trip to museum! <333

Beret: handmade by friend
Blouse: Pumpkin Cat
Cardigan: Lois Crayon
Shoes: Fint.

~Thank you~


Haenuli New collection



My classic outfit for Hotel Lolita


Asuka ♥ ♥


Foto: Nati Gianoni


Me at the Enchanted Tea Party!

Wearing AP Rose Letter and a Triple Fortune hat on the first day and a AatP Nostalgic Tea Party with IW shirt and shawl on the second.

It was amazing!



"Little women" with two-hudred pintucks is comming soon on Haenuli -Royal Label design. 
This design will be the most priceless desgin and limited edition, but the all the details and designs will be worth for it Reservation will start in this weekend. We will upadte the details in Friday. Hope you love it.


Alice Auaa Fall/Winter 2013 at Tokyo Fashion Week