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Alice Auaa Fall/Winter 2013 at Tokyo Fashion Week


moon afternoon


Bucaramanga, Colombia



New Release: Victorian Maiden - Rosalie Short Coat 

Colors: Black, Biscuit, Peacock, Cameo Rose

Price: 54,000 Yen

Currently up for reserves.

Thom Browne Spring 2014

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Pardon me while I sit by the door and wait.

viα lost-in-centuries-long-gone100_2827 by Elisabeth patchwork on Flickr.


Miss Point Silent Maiden


“The Thing cannot be described - there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order.” - Call of Cthulhu

My co-ord for a meet up on the theme of ‘Fairy Tales and Fables’! I based my co-ord on Cthulhu, or the Kraken as I said to people not versed in all things lovecraft-ian :)

JSK - Nightmare Rising ~ Rouge Aerie Designs
Shoes - Bodyline
Everything else is off brand or handmade


Alice and the Pirates
Funeral procession of Rose~ Aria blooming in the twilight


Charlotte and I handmade our outfits for the French Cafe Garden Party in Le Manoir de l’Île aux Loups. It was a magical day and was amazing to wear nearly 3 months of hard work and feel like princes!

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Hats by Peacockalorum
Blouses by The Floral Notebook & Innocent World


BZM7141 Andrew in bordeaux acquired.


It’s been too long since I documented an outfit.  I wore this one earlier this summer to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  While I don’t have any dresses featuring sheep I have this one with wee rabbits.

Sailor/country/vintage Lolita/otome?  My outfits aren’t easily categorized anymore.

Handmade OP * Banana Republic Blouse * Vintage Scarf * Vintage Dotty Smith Buckle * Vintage Hat * Ebay Tights * Thrifted Shoes

This outfit on Lookbook



We are going to start ‘Emilie’ reservation.

And We’ll announce the model picture on every day while reservation period.

keep an eye on my page, thank you! 

- JSK, Over SK Reservation : http://marie-dh.livejournal.com/4933.html

- OPS, Skirt Reservation : http://marie-dh.livejournal.com/4406.html

- Catalogue : http://marie-dh.livejournal.com/4785.html

- Reservation Period : June 24th~ July 7th

- Shipping Period : Aug 25th